Backwards Rhyme Cake

Have you ever been non invited to a Christmas do?
Have you ever posted a Blog?
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever lost a glove?
Have you ever slept on sand?
Have you ever played in a band?
Have you ever reached for nine when all you really needed was seven?

Do you need to play flute on Stairway to Heaven?
Do you need a hand?
Do you need to understand?
Do you need a shove?
Do you need a sign from above?
Do you need some kind of dog?
Do you need an invite to that party I threw?

Have you ever wished that you weren’t you?
Have you ever had a drainage clog?
Can you feel my love glove?
Have you ever eaten deep fried dove?
Have you ever punched a wall with your hand?
Are your tastes in women old and bland?
Have you ever dined with Michael Bevan?

Do you need Heavenly’s ‘obnoxious Kevin’?
Do you wanna get canned?
Can you appreciate, Versailles, a bunker-grand?
Do you need the warmth, hand 0’glove?
Do you need films starring Catherine Deneuve?
Do you love the bejewelled of hog?
Have you seen seven magnificent, Who?

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