Travelling weary journeymen had tales beyond the pale yet none surmounted the Count’s delectable striving for the hirsute of happiness,it lied with a brush with fame and fortunes on the rise. This would have made the average person wary but beyond the pale and above the rail lay a master craftsmen who knew a fair artisan, a conductor of a bus in a town that share must, lest it become frail like bitten off edge nails .Fortune favoured the fair game hunter whenever there was a story to be muttered of rising fortunes which forever left you waiting, the game is new and bracing, yourself will hold no relevance to third parties who are true to their benevolence yet leave all quivering in their wake as a good dead person should; for if not, then ‘twas wrong of all to assume that nothing in the room could hold her to the facts of nothing held back. Was it wrong of me to assume such things? You cant be held responsible for my inactions I’ll give you that.

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