Wish you were he..e6*&

Swallows fly through hollows as weeping willows wallow
A marked intention is worth three in the hand
One in the bush is not a great place to get it
Every wish from the street seems more plausible
In time will be seen the river’s nautical
Miles come in kilos and windows were in frames
All the banal and all the mundane
Things are less complicated than first once were was
Yet all seems the same as was there once is
In season and reason your fellow man’s treason is
Forty nights and desert daze
Lead me to the promise of….
Nah…lost it

Leave them alone, they can’t help it!!

Does everything round come in a cup?
Is two not enough or too many?
Likely isn’t the word you’re looking for
Microscopy and salad tv dinners infront of the radio
Studying ancients and humble dwellings
Mixed emotions forebade the actual sitting
Frozen still nightscapes wake your slight frame
Eaten shards of comfort’s warmth
Homes abound in natures good intentions
Cant sleep in for life’s pretensions
Although they make a nice pillow sometimes

Goosedown Blackberries Make You My Mother

– an essay in post cultural evolutionary standards in education ; a critique of cultural relativism in the modern era.

In modern methodological surveys of north-western standards and imputational district services it is an often lost point of reference in determining sequential evidence theories known as fact to the lesser great industrial service sector.
It’s a seldom explored area which upon closer inspection would appear to warrant a more direct approach starting from the ground up and particularly in certain circular industries that thrive off and upon themselves and for all intents and purposes, each other.
While most educational authorities will attempt to discredit this critique it is no doubt a matter that warrants consideration and a curtailing of modern standard educational techniques.

Sanctioned Deliverance

I was so dying to have a little sleepy at work
Fred said the veg was in the drawer
Who’s complaining now the streets are paved
Forty nine plus 1 is the answer key
Insert it to win a prize fight with t-bone jack
Trust me you’ll never win
Fine in the end is all he could say
Master trusts the sanctioned deliverance
Faster screamed the child in the night
Over tomorrow and under the dawn
My brain is tired….a yawn

100 ways to Jarb on the Farbleheist

1) eat more protein jacks
2) try 47 flavours of fruit and see
3) forget yesterday was today
4) remember tomorrow wasn’t that good
5) twix dreams
6) microdot salad surgery
7) invent an artificial shoe horn
8) trident soup
9) write down your partner’s flaws
10) burn the list and chastise yourself warmly
11) insensitivity
12) incestuous incense
13) remote controlled batteries
14) incendiary forgiveness
15) give up at 15


Travelling weary journeymen had tales beyond the pale yet none surmounted the Count’s delectable striving for the hirsute of happiness,it lied with a brush with fame and fortunes on the rise. This would have made the average person wary but beyond the pale and above the rail lay a master craftsmen who knew a fair artisan, a conductor of a bus in a town that share must, lest it become frail like bitten off edge nails .Fortune favoured the fair game hunter whenever there was a story to be muttered of rising fortunes which forever left you waiting, the game is new and bracing, yourself will hold no relevance to third parties who are true to their benevolence yet leave all quivering in their wake as a good dead person should; for if not, then ‘twas wrong of all to assume that nothing in the room could hold her to the facts of nothing held back. Was it wrong of me to assume such things? You cant be held responsible for my inactions I’ll give you that.

Backwards Rhyme Cake

Have you ever been non invited to a Christmas do?
Have you ever posted a Blog?
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever lost a glove?
Have you ever slept on sand?
Have you ever played in a band?
Have you ever reached for nine when all you really needed was seven?

Do you need to play flute on Stairway to Heaven?
Do you need a hand?
Do you need to understand?
Do you need a shove?
Do you need a sign from above?
Do you need some kind of dog?
Do you need an invite to that party I threw?

Have you ever wished that you weren’t you?
Have you ever had a drainage clog?
Can you feel my love glove?
Have you ever eaten deep fried dove?
Have you ever punched a wall with your hand?
Are your tastes in women old and bland?
Have you ever dined with Michael Bevan?

Do you need Heavenly’s ‘obnoxious Kevin’?
Do you wanna get canned?
Can you appreciate, Versailles, a bunker-grand?
Do you need the warmth, hand 0’glove?
Do you need films starring Catherine Deneuve?
Do you love the bejewelled of hog?
Have you seen seven magnificent, Who?